Server Hardware Advancements That Will Improve Our Online Experience

The advancements in the server hardware field that data center Avisolve can offer your business are ground breaking to say the least. The days of gigantic warehouses filled with servers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Improvements in connection speed, optical fiber cable implementation, and processing times are all working to improve our online experience. The information contained within this article is a small peak into the new server technologies that make our lives and leisure time much more enjoyable.


One of the most common improvements that users will notice is a large shift to cloud based server storage. Many of the servers that people are familiar with contain user data and system data which is sent to the user via a request. Although this used to be the gold standard of online activity, companies are starting to expect bigger storage capacity and smaller load times. Users will be prompted to store their data into the cloud server in order to access their information at a later date. The cloud acts as a storage system external to the user and will allow the person to free up valuable system processes in which to render data quickly. Information such as programs, passwords, music, and other processes will soon be accessed through cloud servers.

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What this means for the general public is that computers will become cheaper, programs will soon become completely virtual(no more CDs), and an overall boost for browsing. Similarly, online gaming will benefit greatly from this migration to cloud based server hardware. As any hardcore gamer knows, lag and delay within a gaming environment is no good! Players live and die by the amount of latency they experience in any given gaming session. The cloud based hardware will allows players to easier access gaming files, packets, and information which will improve their experience. Now you won’t have an excuse as to why your friend was able to kill you so easily!

Lastly, we see a major push in changing out old servers with new hardware that can mine user data on a frequent basis. Rather than a server simply act as a storage facility for data, organizations are using it to study their customers. Many businesses are using these new server hardware technologies in order to better understand the users that interact with them on a regular basis. This will help improve the way that information is being brought to us in the general sense.


We can expect that our daily shopping, entertainment, interaction, and socializing will become more in-tune with out personalities. Data mining opens a door into the psyche behind the masses and allows large businesses to cater to our needs on a personal level. In conjunction with cloud servers, this will help facilitate a safer environment through broad spectrum services inside the Internet of Things. Although the server switching may seem simplistic, it acts as the catalyst in which our society will operate from. Our technology is slowly starting to work for us, rather than creating products people may not want.